The jewellery design company Angelett Gallery has been founded by the artist Joanna Angelett (Trummer) in 1992 in Sydney, NSW.

In 2002 Angelett obtained USA visa 0-1B category "individuals with an extraordinary ability in the arts."
In the same year branch of the company Angelett Gallery has been set up in Los Angeles, California.

In 2006 Australian designer Joanna Angelett has been granted by the UK Home Office visa HSMP (Highly Skilled Professional), category The Artist With Significant Achievement (recently this visa has been renamed Tier 1 - Exceptional Talent).

In 2007  the company  Angelett Gallery has been relocated to the UK, and in November 2008 its head office and the designer art boutique was opened in the famous jewellery district of Hatton Garden in Central London.

Joanna exhibited her designer jewellery collection The Royal Garden of "sculpture-like" brand in Mansion House and Goldsmith' Hall,
and became The First British Jewellers' Association Palladium Jewellery Award winner in 2010.
From 2013 Joanna Angelett is holding dual British-Australian nationality.

In 2017 Joanna Angelett was nominated as one of the major authors-contributors by the Gems & Jewellery magazine, where both of her latest articles - 'Christmas Lake' and The 'Emerald Desert', are displaying rings from her latest collection 'The Characters' - a collection of miniature 'jewellery-sculptures'.
During 2018 this collection, conceived as a main line of Angelett further work in the field of art, has been significantly developed in Hatton Garden premises of Angelett Gallery in London.

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